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Corn, Cotton, Baskets, Creek & Cherokee History and the Love of Old Barns inspire this Oklahoma Cherokee Artist.  Original Paintings by Jeanne Rorex Bridges depicting, in her recognizable style, in both acrylic and oil, her realistic old barns and Native American women working on farms. Jeanne is nationally known for her paintings reflecting her Cherokee heritage and her Oklahoma roots. Her family settled in Indian Territory in the 1890’s and their ties to the land, their honest hard work, their appreciation of Nature, along with their Native blood—gives Jeanne the inspiration and the dedication to produce her unique works of art.  Her home and studio are located on her  family land in Eastern Oklahoma. Cornfields, Cotton Fields, Old Barns, Landscapes and Cherokee & Creek Women - you will be surprised by how interesting and comfortable these paintings are. 

This website offers her farm related paintings reproduced in ceramic art tiles and sandstone coasters.  We think you will enjoy looking at these paintings, as much as Jeanne enjoyed       painting them.


RorexBridgesArt@gmail.com     918-683-9366

DIRECTIONS:  Start in Eastern Oklahoma.  US 69 Hwy, between Checotah & Muskogee.  Take Wainwright Exit - go EAST 1 mile-  cross Old Hwy and Railroad Tracks.  Continue 1 mile EAST.  South Side. Red Fence, Red Barn on Hill. 5905 West 103rd South, Oktaha.  GPS 0970

 Notice to Oklahoma Customers:  All products for sale at my studio and on my website do not comply with the definition of American Indian Art or Craft according to Oklahoma House Bill 2261 but do comply with Federal Definition of same.

Category Products

Category Products

SANDSTONE COASTERS4" diameter Absorbent Sandstone Coaster with Cork Backing.
6 x 8 ART TILES6" x 8" Ceramic Tiles of Paintings with a quality easel back with hangers. 
8 x 10 FARM ART TILES8" x 10" Ceramic Tiles of Jeanne's Farm inspired paintings with easel backs for tabletop or wall display.
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